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Product Name: Meso-Xanthin F199

Manufacturer: ABG LAB (USA)

Ingredients: Carotenoid Fucoxanthin F-199 (a key component), hyaluronic acid, a complex of amino acids antioxidant: thioredoxin, peptides (TRX; CG), koezimy, vitamins A, C, E, cell growth factors, epidermal and fibroblast growth factor (insulin).

Designed for biorevitalisation face and décolleté after 25 years, perfectly expressed lifting effect is accompanied by a decrease in adipose tissue on the oval of the face and the cheeks.

Packing: Box includes: a disposable glass syringe with tip luerovskim filled with 1.5 ml of the drug, "instructions for use" and 2 Sticker (needle not included recommended needle: 0,2h4mm (33G)).

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