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Radiesse (1x3ml)

125,00 € each


Radiesse is an injectable implant composed of microspheres of hydroxyapatite calcium (CaHA) immersed in an aqueous biodegradable gel that fills wrinkles and reshapes the face.

The injections of Radiesse:


  • Fills the wrinkles of the face: deep wrinkles, bitter folds, buccal commissure, nasolabial furrows ... 
  • Corrects the contours of the chin and jaw by improving their prominence and symmetry.
  • Corrects bumps and irregularities in the nose.
  • Gives volume to the hollow cheeks.

The doctor may apply an anesthetic cream to make the injected area unconscious. Light surges: redness and swelling for a few hours. Immediate resumption of activities. The results of Radiesse injections are seen immediately. They last about 2 years.

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