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Aqualift 100g

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Aqualift hydrophilic gel filler (aquаfіllіng) 100g - made from high-purity synthetic materials, and contains no animal ingredients and substances derived from genetically modified organisms. To ensure complete sterility of products Approved in the course of the entire production cycle is under aseptic conditions, and at the final stage goes through sterilization by autoclaving.

The unique properties of hydrophilic gel Aqualift ™ allowed to classify it in the category of generic gels. In addition, the positive charge of the implant is blocking oxidative stress and the absence of inflammatory manifestations. Hydrogel Aqualift ™, in comparison with the analogues, improves the safety and efficacy of their use
Hydrophilic gel aqualift filler (aquafìllìng)-one of the newest achievements of the beauty industry is a technology of Aquafilling which is based on the application of implant material (filler) a new generation of Aqalift.

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